SUU Orientation


Sheena Kauppila

Coordinator of Student Engagement & Orientation

Undergraduate Institution & Major: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Instrumental Music Education
Graduate Work & Degree: Northern Arizona University, M.Ed: Counseling, Student Affairs
Hometown: Calumet, MI
Why I work with students: I work with students because every day is different.  It is an amazing opportunity to be able to make a difference in the lives of students, and affect future society.  
Why I think Orientation is important: Orientation is important because it gives students the strong foundation on which they develop.  They will start building relationships with students, faculty, and staff, and make sure they get their questions answered before the first day of class. 
My biggest piece of advice for new students: Do more. It is getting more common for people to get degrees, students need to do even more to stand out.  Get an internship, job, try extracurricular activities.  Do more.