Assessment & Planning

Assessment & Planning

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the ongoing development of a comprehensive assessment plan. The Division’s assessment efforts are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide evidence of effective programs and services
  2. Enable administrators to make data-driven decisions
  3. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  4. Recognize successful and effective performance
  5. Inform strategic planning endeavors to increase intentionality 
  6. Empower staff members to hold one another accountable for results
  7. Encourage the talent development of SUU students and staff

The Division employs qualitative and quantitative methods to collect information about the needs of its students, the use of its services, the satisfaction of its patrons, the influence of environments and the achievement of learning outcomes and goals.

With the support and resources of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs , the directors of each department are responsible for articulating the goals and learning outcomes for the programs and services they deliver to the campus community. Southern Utah University collaborates with Campus Labs ©  to facilitate data collection and analysis, information storage and consultation on assessment projects. This partnership also allows SUU to participate in the NASPA Assessment and Knowledge Consortium  that provides data from other campuses for the purpose of establishing benchmarks.

We encourage you to review our website to see how we are striving to incorporate assessment and enhance the educational experience of our students.