Assessment & Planning

Assessment & Planning

Division Planning Goals

As part of the University’s Strategic Plan, the Division of Student Services has identified the following goals and objectives to support the fulfillment of its mission as well as the University’s mission.

Goal 1: Implement and monitor a wide range of student success programs

Goal 2: Expand co-curricular programs to develop intercultural competence, leadership, and person well-being

Goal 3: Implement and continually assess a campus-wide Quality Service Program

Learning Domains

The Division has also defined four learning domains to guide its departments in authoring student learning outcomes.

Division Learning Domains

Considerate & Respectful Worldviews
We want students to…
  • Identify their own beliefs, values, cultures and traditions
  • Explain how their beliefs, values, cultures and traditions influence the way they make meaning of experiences
  • Demonstrate empathy and respect for others and how they make meaning
  • Explore new ways for making meaning of experiences and the world
  • Engage diverse others about issues of mutual and diverging interests
  • Develop an authentic identity that leads to the acceptance of oneself and others
  • Demonstrate intercultural sensitivity and competence
We want students to…
  • Articulate meaningful and achievable educational goals
  • Create, manage, and/or adapt plans or strategies to achieve their goals
  • Identify their personal talents, strengths and limitations to help them with planning
  • Acquire life and work skills that are readily transferable between contexts
  • Develop resilience to address challenges and setbacks (coping strategies, stress management, managing emotions)
  • Become effective at self-assessment and evaluation
  • Demonstrate practical and professional competence as an employee
Followership & Leadership Development
We want students to…
  • Exercise self-leadership through disciplined decision-making
  • Influence and persuade others to invest in a shared vision/goal/interest
  • Create and execute detailed plans that operationalize the pursuit and achievement of a shared vision/goal/interest
  • Hold one another accountable for expectations, results or outcomes
  • Demonstrate an ability to care for followers/contributors
  • Demonstrate commitment and engagement in projects as a follower/contributor
  • Synthesize information and data to make sound decisions
Community & Socially-Responsible Action
We want students to…
  • Understand the importance and value of campus policies, rules and procedures
  • Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to resolve conflicts
  • Develop moral reasoning abilities
  • Demonstrate care and concern for shared resources and the future
  • Identify issues and situations regarding the convergence and divergence of self-interest and the common good
  • Use civility to navigate disagreements, conflicts and divergence of interests
  • Appreciate a restorative approach to addressing harm to the community

Reports on Department Goals & Learning Outcomes