Vice President for Student Affairs

Student Services Reference Guide

On behalf of the Division of Student Services, welcome to SUU! We know students will come to you for guidance, regardless of your position. We are excited and ready to partner with you to aid in their success. You may not know all the answers, but with this Reference Guide, we hope to help you learn where to find the answers! You will also find that some "student services" are open to more than just students!  Please note that while also providing valuable services to students, departments listed below with an asterisk  "*"  do not fall within the Student Services division.

Admissions & Recruitment*

ST169 865-8360
You'll come across students in every facet of your life. Whether they are the next-door neighbor's daughter or your nephew who lives cross-country (or YOU!), for questions about how to be admitted to SUU, this is your place.

ADA Disability Support Services

ST206 865-8022
(See Student Support Services)
SUU is very serious about ADA compliance. If you or a student you know has a documented disability, it is important that they register with Human Resources to ensure that reasonable accommodations can be made to assist you in your work or academic pursuits.


ST158 586-7995
The Bookstore sells textbooks, of course, but they offer so much more in the way of services and goods. If you haven't been by to get your SUU sweatshirt for the next game, now's the time!

The Bookstore is responsible for all retail sales on campus and items are also available online. In addition to textbooks, you may purchase office supplies for on-campus entities tax-free. The Convenience Store (C-Store) is across the hall from the Bookstore and offers a variety of health and beauty products, as well as snacks and drinks. A portion of Bookstore revenue is used to fund student scholarships. The Bookstore promotes student activities and on-campus functions by donating promotional items, and the Utah Shakespearean Festival, SUU Athletics, and the Utah Summer Games all earn commission dollars from Bookstore related sales.

Campus Recreation

PE 118 586-7774
(See Student Involvement and Leadership)
Through student fees, students are eligible to play intramural sports, use the racquetball/wallyball courts, gymnasium, indoor track and the fitness center (with a fee). Not to mention our Olympic-sized swimming pool! As an employee, you have access to these venues, too, with the associated fees listed below.

Building hours for Fall and Spring semesters are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Summer hours are Monday through Friday 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM, and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Costs are:

  • Open Recreation (racquetball, swimming pool [lap and free play], gymnasium, indoor track)
  • Faculty/Staff: $15/semester
  • Spouse: $15/semester
  • The indoor track is free to all patrons.

Fitness Center:

  • Faculty/Staff: $60/semester or $20/month

Center for Women & Families

ST175A 865-8752
SUU recognizes the special needs of women and students with families and offers a center to help meet these needs. The Center for Women and Families provides resources, activities and events addressing various women's issues, networking opportunities, women's health information, volunteer opportunities, and resources for students with families. Information and support in regards to rape and sexual assault are also available in the Center.

Centralized Scheduling

ST201 865-8100
The scheduling of classroom space for the academic year is done by the Registrar's Office. If, however, you need to schedule a room or building for a meeting or event (academic or non-academic) Centralized Scheduling is your first point of contact.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

ST168 865-8621
CAPS offers psychological counseling services to empower students to become complete, balanced, and resourceful individuals with a sense of purpose. Services include individual, couples, career, crisis, and group counseling free of charge for SUU students.

Staff commonly work with issues such as academic pressures, self-esteem, family problems, relational problems, career concerns, depression, anxiety, eating concerns, grief and loss, stress management, etc. CAPS offers consultation for faculty and staff when they have questions about student development issues and concerns. They are also a valuable source of information about managing troubled students.

Enrollment Management*

See Admissions, Financial Aid, Recruitment, and Registration

Financial Aid & Scholarships

ST167 586-7735
It goes without saying that finances are one of the biggest challenges facing students. As students express financial need, please encourage them to visit the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Financial Aid administers all federal, state, and institutional funding programs, including work-study and the Faculty/Staff/Dependent waiver program.

Food Services (Chartwells)*

Various locations 586-7780
Eating on campus is about more than just great food. Meal times are the time to relax, refuel, spend time with colleagues, and have fun! Chartwells, the University's contracted food service provider, has made a commitment to support everyone seeking a more healthy lifestyle. Chartwells offers a variety of healthy options, including vegetarian, vegan, and carb control. 

  • Chartwells is also your resource for catering on-campus events. Note: By University policy all events on campus requiring food service must contract with Chartwells

Multicultural Center

Room ST 178  (435) 586-7772  The Multicultural Center serves American ethnic minority students through academic advisement, counseling, and access to financial aid/scholarships. The MCC also promotes diversity at SUU through clubs (Black Student Union, Native American Student Association, Polynesian Club and others) forums, and cultural weeks. We welcome your participation, concerns, suggestions, and ideas for improving diversity at SUU.

Outdoor Recreation*

ST176B 865-8704
(See Student Involvement and Leadership)
SUU Outdoors is invested in understanding the human experience at all levels and all ages. Let us help in unleashing the magic of you and the outdoors: at the Climbing Wall, Ropes Course, Outdoor Center, and SUU Adventures. SUU Outdoors is a place for the SUU community and Cedar City area to gather as individuals and groups to engage in experiential education. We provide organized adventures, rental equipment, and resources to assist you in your pursuits. Hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Registrar's Office

ST166 586-7718
The Registrar's Office is the central spot for transcripts and records, grading, academic scheduling, and Veterans Affairs.

Student Involvement and Leadership

ST177 586-7762  SUUSA:
Student Involvement and Leadership is a place where students find ways to belong at SUU through clubs and organizations, activities, student government, Greek life, service, and outdoor and service recreation opportunities, including intramural sports.

Student Support Center

ST206 586-7845
Student Support Services focuses on academic, personal, and financial support of academically underprepared, non-traditional, disabled, and/or first-generation/low-income students. Students meeting these criteria are eligible for assistance through the TRIO program. Developmental math courses and tutoring and ADA accommodation requests are addressed here, too. The Student Support Center also facilitates the Multicultural Student Center (located in ST107).

SUU Police

36 North 300 West   586-7793
You'll find a guide to all the services offered by SUU Police in your Welcome Kit, but briefly, our campus police officers are POST certified and strive to ensure a safe environment for everyone. You are encouraged to register your phone number and contact information on (see, click on mySUU). This will enable you to receive immediate messages in case of campus emergency. Also, we were all taught to cross at the crosswalk when we were youngsters. SUU takes pedestrian safety very seriously. Please observe all pedestrian crossings.

University College*

Whether students come to you in search of academic advising or tutoring, or to find a part-time job, internship, or career, this is your point of reference.

University Housing

ELL 115 586-7966
University Housing is committed to community development and co-curricular education in each of SUU's five residential communities. As students you know contemplate living to campus, make sure they get the full University Housing tour. Facilities are safe, clean, and comfortable, and leadership opportunities are available to students through the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and student employment.