Summer Semester

Graduate even faster by taking courses this summer at Southern Utah University. With more than 400 classes to choose from you can benefit from staying on campus this summer, no matter your situation.

Session Options* Number of Weeks 2013 Dates
MayMester 3 weeks May 6 - 24
1st Session 5 weeks May 28 - June 28
2nd Session 5 weeks July 1 - August 5
Regular Session 10 Weeks (1st & 2nd sessions combined) May 28 - August 5

* All sessions count toward the full-time tuition rate | Classes completed beyond 10 hours are tuition free.

Jump Into Summer! In-state tuition for all students— saving you 67% Smaller classes Complete your prerequisites Take general education classes Flexible class times Minutes away from 13 national and state parks Credits are easily transferred

Just Graduated From High School?

Get one-step ahead of your peers and graduate faster, here’s how:

  • Summer is the time to get into high-demand or pre-requisite courses.
  • Federal financial aid is available for qualified students who complete a summer FAFSA
  • Combine your concurrent and AP credits completed during high school alongside summer classes at SUU to complete an associate's degree early.
  • Consult with a SUU academic advisor to learn about available scholarships.

Leaving Soon for an LDS Mission?

Use the time before you leave to forward your educational goals at SUU, here’s how:

  • If you didn’t attend the previous fall or spring semesters, or just beginning college, you may be eligible for financial aid benefits.
  • Take classes that complement your mission preparation and will benefit your education when you return.
  • Speak with an academic advisor for free to learn about available class pairings.
  • Credits are easily transferred when you return from your mission.
  • Take religion classes at the LDS Institute next to campus.