T-Fit is dedicated to educating, motivating, and empowering SUU employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. T-Fit seeks to help the campus be healthier by connecting employees with information and resources, and cultivating healthy attitudes and behaviors.


The SUU community encourages faculty and staff members to make informed decisions about fitness, nutrition and their emotional well-being.

This site is intended as a meeting place for all faculty and staff to get health-related advice and answers to individual questions, share their own health tips and most importantly, to help connect SUU employees with peers who share similar interests and activities.

T-Fit hopes to help every T-Bird make each day more healthy and fulfilling than the last.

The Wellness Program for SUU Employees

TRACKER - SUU’s own internal and electronic point keeping system that helps employees keep record of their personal Wellness activities and progress

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Celebrate: SUU Holistic Fun and Fitness

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