T-Fit is dedicated to educating, motivating, and empowering SUU employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. T-Fit seeks to help the campus be healthier by connecting employees with information and resources, and cultivating healthy attitudes and behaviors.



Overall health and wellness depends on how well we are fueling our bodies. A well-balanced nutrition plan will not only provide the needed fuel for our bodies, but also increase energy and our ability to focus, improve sleep, reduce stress, and prevent disease.

There are many factors that influence the food choices we make - few of those are actually related to hunger. Often we eat what is available and when we have the time - putting little thought into what we put in our mouths. We eat to celebrate and to socialize. We eat when we're bored or sad and when we're happy. Improve your health and wellness by becoming more aware of when and what you consume. Check the T-FIT calendar for upcoming workshops on healthy food choices and cooking!

You are what you eat - be healthy!

Here are a few resources for more information:

  • NATs (Nutritional Analysis Tool 2.0) www.nat.uiuc.edu/mainnat.html Online nutrition analysis program. Also includes estimates of physical activity caloric expenditure.
  • Shape Up America! www.shapeup.org National non-profit organization to promote healthy lifestyles - both nutrition and physical activity.
  • Weight Watchers www.weightwatchers.com Stop Dieting, Start Living! Weight Watchers is dedicated to helping people eat right and live healthy.
  • HealthFinder www.healthfinder.gov US Dept. of Health and Human Services website designed to provide links and resources for all kinds of health issues including mental health, obesity, illness, pregnancy and more.
  • WebMD www.healthfinder.gov Provides medical information on a variety of illnesses and conditions as well as current events and updates in the field of medicine - prevention and treatment.
  • The new Chartwells dining web site is up and running - with info on nutrition, nutrition links and a nutrition journal. Each person can track what they eat daily and get caloric info as well. In addition, there are daily menus, specials, hours of operation and much more. Please check it out at: www.dineoncampus.com/suu