University College

Academic Advisors Walk-in Schedule

December 15-22, 2014

Advisors schedules are subject to change. You can confirm the schedule by calling 435-586-5420. Walk-ins shouldn’t be used for Education Plans, Academic Success Plans, RN to BSN applications, Nursing applications, etc.

Advisor Monday [15th] Tuesday [16th] Wednesday [17th] Thursday [18th] Friday [19th] Monday [22nd]
Aimee Keller Orientation 10-11:30 AM 10-11:30 AM None 10-11:30 AM 10-11:30 AM
Katya Konkle Orientation None None None None None
Aaron Templin Orientation
3-4 PM 8:30-9:30 AM 3-4 PM 3-4 PM 3-4 PM
Stephen Wagner Orientation 2:30-3:30 PM 3-4 PM 3-4 PM 3-4 PM 3-4 PM
Kevin Wilson Orientation None None None None None
Heather Ogden Orientation 9:30-10 AM 10-11 AM None None None
Madalyn Fogg Orientation 1-2 PM 9:30-10 AM & 1-2 PM None 1-2 PM 1-2 PM
Melanee Mariner Orientation None None None None None
Ryan Avery Orientation None 8:30-10 AM None None None
Jared Wilcken Orientation None 1-2:30 PM 3-4 PM None None
Reko Hargrave Orientation 2-4:30 PM None None None None
Brittney Hernandez Orientation 1-2 PM Noon-1 PM 10-11 AM None None
Sharon Brown Orientation 9:30-10 AM & 1:30-2 PM &4:30-5 PM 9-10:30 AM & 2-3 PM None None None