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Concurrent Enrollment Admission and Registration Process

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In preparation for Fall Semester 2013, all students interested in participating in Concurrent Enrollment (CE) will apply for admission and register for classes online, utilizing tools similar to a regular university student. This narrative is intended to assist students, parents, and high school counselors in understanding this new electronic enrollment process.

The SUU Admissions Office has established a website that provides helpful information to students interested in CE.

Students will apply for admission following the guidelines on the Admissions website.

Admission Fee

The one-time admission fee of $50 can be paid online while completing the admission process. When a CE student graduates from high school and applies to SUU as a degree-seeking student, the admission fee does not have to be paid a second time.

ACT Exam

Only students registering for math and English courses need to submit an ACT score as a part of the admission process. No ACT score is required to register for other CE classes. Students who intend to enroll in English or math must meet the following minimum ACT subscore requirements:

  • ENGL 1010- a minimum English subscore of 17
  • MATH 1010- a minimum math subscore of 18
  • MATH 1050- a minimum math subscore of 23

For CE math class prerequisites, SUU also accepts the following:

  • MATH 1010- A minimum grade of C in Algebra II during each of the previous four high school quarters
  • MATH 1050- A minimum grade of C in Pre-Calculus during each of the previous four high school quarters
  • Students may also complete the Accuplacer Math Placement exam to determine eligibility for MATH 1010 and MATH 1050.
NOTE: It is important to apply for admission and provide the required transcripts and ACT scores early to take advantage of registration at the earliest possible date. For fall semester, freshmen registration will open mid-April. For spring semester, freshmen registration opens mid-November. (Specific dates will be provided to counselors.) We highly encourage students to be registered for fall semester CE courses before they leave school for the summer.

Students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 for admission to CE (2.5 for vocational classes). Once admitted, students must maintain a 2.0 SUU GPA to remain in good standing.


The SUU Director of Concurrent Enrollment will provide course reference numbers (CRNs) to each high school counselor. After being admitted, CE students may register for CE course using the SUU online registration system. Students should only register for CE courses using the CRNs provided to their counselor. To register for classes:

  • Go to the SUU homepage at
  • Click on the mySUU Portal link in the upper left corner
  • Log into the portal
    • The first time you attempt to log in you will need to click on the Activate Your Account button to activate your portal account
  • Click on the DegreeWorks link in the RESOURCES column to acquire your Registration Access Code (RAC)
  • Return to the mySUU Portal
  • Click the Registration link in the bottom left corner
  • Click the Add, Drop, or Search for Classes link
  • Select the semester you will be attending courses in (i.e. Fall Semester 2013) and click submit
  • Enter your RAC and click submit
  • Scroll to the Add Classes Worksheet
  • Enter the CRN(s) provided by your counselor for the appropriate class(es)
  • Click Submit Changes

Please note that students who register for courses other than those provided will be assessed full tuition and fees for these courses. The student will also be held to all registration, refund, and grading policies associated with these regular university courses.

Online Classes

Online CE offerings are available to all CE students regardless of which high school they attend. Because these courses are offered centrally, students are competing for a limited number of class seats. Interested students should register early to take advantage of available seats. When an online class is offered, the CRN will be provided to all high school counselors at the same time, to ensure a fair opportunity for students to register for the class.

Online courses follow SUU semester dates for holidays and breaks. Course content is made available on the first day of the semester through the mySUU Portal. Students are responsible for acquiring any required textbooks and course materials. The SUU Bookstore website lists all required course materials.


Please feel free to contact Dr. Leilani Nautu at Southern Utah University if you have any questions: (435) 865-8081 or