University College

Dean's Office

Bennion Administration Building, 304 (AD 304)
Fax: (435) 586-7921

Patrick Clarke
Phone: (435) 586-5479

Dale Orton (Sharwan Smith Bldg. 205)
Executive Director of Student Success
Phone: 435-586-7711

Deb Pool
Dean's Administrative Assistant
Phone: (435) 865-8582

John "Jeb" Branin
Associate Dean
Phone: (435) 586-5424

Michael Carmine
Director of Marketing & Communication
Phone: 435-865-8035

Vicki Nielsen (Sharwan Smith Bldg. 205)
Assoc. Dean's Admin. Assistant
Phone: 435-586-7808

University College Assessment

Through the use of the new system TracDat, University College is going forward under the direction of the Provost Office to comply with the 2012-2013 Assessment Planning. This year, the University College has appointed an Assessment Coordinator to assist all departments with system training, developing and implementing successful assessment plans and reporting options.

Important Dates for Assessment
  • October 4th –TracDat follow up training - 3:30-5:00 pm ELC 313 (Group session to answer questions that have come up following the individual meetings with the Assessment Coordinator)
  • October 10th – All units will have Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes defined in the system.
  • October 26th – All Departmental Units will relate individual Goals/Outcomes to the Institutional Goals/

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Mission Statement

University College at Southern Utah University has a threefold mission: 

1- University College provides services and resources for students who have yet to declare a major.
Services include:

  • Academic advising
  • Career coaching
  • Aptitude, skills, and interest testing
  • Courses in personal development, the decision making process, and career preparation

2- University College serves students in their academic development and career preparation through centers and programs focused on transitional academic services including career preparation services, academic advising, and support programs for those on academic probation. 
Services include:

  • Career and professional development
  • Academic advising
  • Tutoring
  • Testing

3- University College promotes and facilitates significant experiential learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.  
Experiential Engagement Centers within University College include:

  • Community Engagement Center
  • Creativity Center
  • Harry Reid Center for Outdoor Engagement
  • Leadership Engagement Center
  • Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center