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EDGE Program

The EDGE Program contributes to a high-caliber education by allowing students a formal opportunity to create their own experiential learning project while developing a richer and more sophisticated understanding of honoring the merger of thought and action.

What is SUU's EDGE Program?

Preparing for, and completing, your EDGE Project is a process in which you can construct a hands-on learning project of your own and help decide how it advances your education. This process gives students at SUU a superior academic experience and is a requirement for graduation with a bachelor's degree. You can choose to connect your project to your major or you can pursue another area of interest.

Experiential Education (as in “to experience something” outside the classroom) is a process that gives SUU students an edge in applying their learning beyond the classroom.

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Step 1: Exploration & Fact Finding

Register: UNIV 1010 – Program Introduction (1cr.)

This first class will expose you to the many different experiential education and engaged learning options available at SUU and fire your imagination for creating your own EDGE Project.

Step 2: Explore Ideas and Discover Your EDGE Project

Use your imagination, curiosity, experience, passions, and academic interests to come up with a hands-on learning project that is uniquely yours!

Many students want to complete their EDGE Project by participating in ongoing programs at SUU. This page will give you a few examples of programs that you can participate in to complete your EDGE Project.

There is no class for step two but you should create your project and move to step three sometime before you've earned 75 credits.

Step 3: Organizing & Preparing A Proposal

Register: UNIV 3925 – Project Proposal (1 cr.)

You will start this class by choosing which engagement center you want to do your project through. You will explain your project and create a proposal to communicate your ideas to faculty who will help you fine tune and define your learning outcomes. Successful completion of UNIV 3925 will result in approval for your project.

You may take UNIV 3925 any time after completing UNIV 1010, but before you register for this class you should have an idea of what EDGE Project you want to create.

Samples of Experiential Activities:

Step 4: Formal Engagement

Complete Your Project

After you finish UNIV 3925 (and have had your proposal approved) you get to do your project! The project can be connected to something that gives credit or it can be a non-credit bearing activity. The project can be in any field you are interested in regardless of your major.

Step 5: Post Activity Reflection & Synthesis

Register: UNIV 4925 – Program Completion (1 cr.)

After you complete your project you will take UNIV 4925 in which you reflect on your learning. You will develop different ways in which you can share what you have done with others. You will also get to showcase your final project.

Disclaimer: We ask students to learn independently outside of the traditional classroom setting. While SUU makes efforts to offer students safe opportunities, it is not possible to control or anticipate all factors in experiences related to facilities, environments, equipment and individual behaviors that may contribute to each student’s emotional, physical and social safety. Please exercise sound judgment and counsel with one of SUU’s Engagement Center directors if you would like assistance managing any issues or concerns that may arise.