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Internships offer many opportunities to gain experience in your chosen academic emphasis while you are a student at SUU. Often you can earn academic credit for internships as well. Earning credit should be coordinated with your Department Chair.

Internships on T-Bird Career

Use MySUU Portal

T-Bird Career

Instructions for using T-Bird Career:

Login to the MySUU portal to start searching for internship opportunities. You will be able to search by company, industry, major, or view an entire list of internship opportunities.

  • After logging in place your curser over Job Search in the tool bar at the top of the screen. Click on Full-time/Internships/Part-time
  • Scroll down to Position Type and select Internship and then click on search to see a full list of internship opportunities.
  • You can narrow your search by selecting more criteria, such as major, and/or industry.
  • Always make sure that Internship is selected when searching for internships

You can always search the employer directory for internship opportunities as well. Click on Employer Directory in the tool bar at the top of the webpage. You can type in the company name and or select industry type. Click on company name to view more information about the company. If they have a webpage it will be listed. If a webpage is given click on it and then search the company website for internship opportunities.

Internship Resources