University College

Outdoor Engagement Center

Mission Statement

Inspired by southern Utah's diverse naturescape, the Outdoor Engagement Center fosters interdisciplinary learning, service, civic engagement, advanced research, and student scholarships. The center brings together students, faculty, and community members from across the globe to explore new and innovative outdoor themes; construct forums where knowledge is shared, debated, and disseminated; and create new vistas of understanding and stewardship opportunities in a myriad of engaged learning environments. The center's unique focus of outdoor engagement serves to inspire all individuals to progressively engage in outdoor learning, service, and leadership that actively improves the outdoor experience for everyone.

Vision Statement

The Outdoor Engagement Center will be an active hub supporting and creating meaningful interdisciplinary learning opportunities to involve the university’s community in the outdoors.  Participants will enhance their knowledge and awareness of the natural, cultural, and historic resources on public lands while gaining life-long skills, a sense of place, and appreciation for stewardship of our natural world.  Through our work, SUU will gain national attention for engaging students, faculty, and staff in the outdoors.

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