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Pacesetters Outdoor Leadership is a premiere outdoor leadership organization on SUU’s campus. Pacesetters affords interested students, faculty, and staff a venue to practice outdoor leadership through the planning and implementing of a variety of trips and activities.
We serve to enrich our participants and the campus community through our two-fold mission:

  • Pacesetters will host and provide leadership for safe, educational, and enjoyable trips for the SUU community. We will serve to provide outdoor opportunities, education, and enrich the culture of the outdoors at SUU.
  • Pacesetters will provide a venue for SUU students to practice leadership and organizational skills. We will offer students the opportunity to organize and lead trips through the Outdoor Engagement Center. The Pacesetter program will impart in student leaders skills stemming from the six Wilderness Education Associations core competencies: Outdoor Living; Planning and Logistics; Risk Management; Leadership; Environmental Integration; and Education. (Wilderness Education Association , 2010)

Meet your Leaders

The Pacesetters host a weekly club meeting in the Outdoor Engagement Center at 5 pm on Mondays. All are welcome to come and talk about upcoming trips and leadership opportunities, and learn skills to effectively and safely take others into the outdoors.

Contact one of our trip coordinators to set up an adventure for your campus club, organization, department, or group:

Pacesetters President and Canyoneering Coordinator:

Keith Howells


Keith Howells

Keith has been hiking, backpacking and exploring southern Utah for most of his life. He came to SUU and took the Canyoneering course and instantly became hooked on the sport. He is a senior Outdoor Recreation major from Kanab, UT.

Keith’s Professional Philosophy: Ever since I was little I have loved being outside and exploring. More than just being outdoors myself, I love getting people outside. When I can help people understand the benefits and joy of the outdoors, I feel good. There are amazing benefits to being outside and in the natural world, and I want to get people out there to realize for themselves.

Rock Climbing Coordinator:

Chris Jones


 Chris Jones

There once was a man born in Utah Valley, and on the 18th year of life came to SUU with a curiosity for the world.  Come his 21st year to the present day, he chose Chemistry, Creative Writing, and a passion for the outdoors as the motives for study and adventure.  So he continued his passion for climbing via employment at SUU Outdoors as a climbing wall guy.  And over the years has expanded his experience as a climber and going on many an adventure climbing walls from 30 to 1500 feet.  And now, in the closing year of his college career, he looks forward to coordinating trips out for the students at this remote college.

Hiking Coordinator:

Robbie Stevenson


Robbie Stevenson

Something about the outdoors brings people together in a way. I enjoy that. I've lived in southern Utah my whole life. I grew up going to lakes, going camping, seeing the National Parks, etc. But in July and August of 2008, I went on a trip to Lake Powell, kayaking in Idaho, and 3 days of hiking in Zion NP, and I learned during those trips that the outdoors is a companion to help me become my best self.

To name what I like about living in southern Utah, it's the desert, the mountains, the red rock, the many deep canyons, the cliffs, rivers, and the lakes. I like the growth in friendships and relationships that can be found in these places. Any of these places can be challenging. I enjoy having skills to help me meet the challenges. I enjoy rappelling, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, boating, sky diving, or learning anything new. There are adventures to be had out there. I'm driven to being on them.

Local Adventures Coordinator:

Austin Dennis


Austin Dennis

Caving Coordinator:

Megan Barrett