Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program (UGRASP)

A Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (ACOURAS)


Southern Utah University’s A Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (ACOURAS) is one of only a handful of journals nation wide dedicated to disseminating the works of undergraduates across all disciplines. Published annually both online and in print, ACOURAS showcases some of the most noted accomplishments our students make within their respective disciplines. Each submission is carefully reviewed by two distinguished faculty with expertise relevant to the topic under consideration. Only submissions which are considered exemplary at the undergraduate level are accepted for inclusion in the journal.


The annual edition of ACOURAS is printed midsummer. Complimentary soft bound copies are distributed to the lead undergraduate author and the lead faculty mentor. Additional copies are available for purchase.

Submission Requirements & Deadlines

To be considered for inclusion in ACOURAS, the lead author must be an undergraduate student registered at SUU. The student must complete the abstract submission form which includes the submission of a working abstract. This abstract may take the form of a project summary or artist’s statement, as applicable, and must not exceed 300 words. The working abstract must include sufficient detail to allow ACOURAS editors to identify appropriate faculty reviewers.

Deadline for the abstract submission form: April 15th

Full (i.e. complete) submissions are due four weeks later. For submissions with one or more faculty co-authors, the faculty must approve submission of the full paper. Full submissions are not to exceed 30 pages; typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1” margins all around. Submissions for the printed journal must be in back and white, and e-mailed to UGRASP as a .doc or .docx document. A second, color version may be submitted for inclusion in the online version of the journal. There are no restrictions on the number of graphics for each submission. However, all tables and graphics must be shown in position in text, and are included in the 30 page limit. References (if any) are NOT included in the 30 page limit. Font size on tables, figures, and graphs may be no less than 6 point font. Each submission must include a list of key words, with a maximum of 10.

Without exception, each entry must be reviewed and approved by one or more SUU faculty members prior to submission. Note that these are NOT the faculty reviewers. Typically, they are the faculty co-authors and/or mentors who oversaw the student’s project. These individuals must check their student’s entry for grammar, spelling, typos, factual and conceptual accuracy etc… The faculty member(s) will be listed as a co-author(s) on the entry, or in the acknowledgements section of the paper. This must be agreed upon by the student and faculty prior to submission.

Deadline for the full submission form: May 15th