UNIVERSITY RELATIONS | Experiences Last a Lifetime Video & Billboard Contest

How To Enter

Shoot a video or design a billboard that encapsulates what Experience More means to you at SUU.  Contact University Relations or SUU Publications ( for official “Experience More”typography. 

  • Email
  • Hand delivered submissions: SUU University Relations (Old Main, third floor)
  • Videos need to be one to two minutes in length
  • Billboard designs should be in the proportion of 14 x 48

You help us define what Experience More means for all members of the Thunderbird Nation and we use your ideas in our new marketing campaign.

What You Can Win

Grand Prize: $500 &  iPad 3

  • Best Student Video: $300 & Free Textbooks (for one semester)
  • Best Organization Video: $300
  • Best Alumni Video: $300
  • Best Faculty Video: $300
  • Best Community Video: $300
  • Best Overall Billboard: $300
  • Video/Billboard Entry of the Month: $100
  • Video/Billboard Entry of the Week: $50

When You Win

The Experiences Last a Lifetime Video & Billboard Contest runs through the Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 school year. 

The Fine Print: 
Be advised that your entry in this contest, and the chance to win prizes for your efforts, allows the SUU University Relations team to take over all rights and ownership to the material you submit for the contest.  The video or artwork is now the property of the University to use as it sees fit within its marketing plans for years to come."

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