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This includes landscape photos of the campus and surrounding area, candid and staged photos of students and faculty in academic and social settings, product and conceptual photography, and digital retouching.


Because of limited resources, we cannot keep a visual record of every event that occurs on campus. We do, however, maintain a diverse cross-section of photos from athletic events, student events, performances, awards, commencement and other University sponsored activities. We are available for hire to shoot specific events, according to time availability and the photography costs outlined below.


We have a small portrait studio at our offices (Admin 304), which we use for head shots and small group photos. We can also do on-location portraits for some uses. We provide head shot services for University teams, groups, faculty and staff. We also produce specialized ID cards for the Departments of Education and Nursing.


If you would like us to provide photography services for your area, please go to our job request page and contact us with your information. Photo services are billed to departments according to the following rates:

Individual head shots: If the photos are taken here in our studio, and the group is fewer than five people, there is no charge. For groups of more than five, the charge is fifty cents per person. Digital images are then provided via email, CD or flash disk.

On location photography: This includes any photography that requires we leave our office to shoot photos elsewhere. The charge for such services is $30 per hour.

Prints: We do not generally offer printing services. Though we do have a color laser printer that can print single prints ($5 for an 8x10, $10 for an 11x17), Wal-Mart or Walgreens is less expensive and will give you a more traditional quality photographic print.

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