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If you are requesting a redesign of your current site, please take the time to answer the following questions before contacting Web Services. This will help both parties be more efficient during the process. Beginning August 2012, any departments requesting redesigns will need to be aware that their new site will be moved into our content management system and a more standardized design template.

General Information

  1. What is the name of your department?
  2. Who is the Web Liaison for your department? (List name, title, e-mail and phone)

Current Site Information

  1. What is your current URL?
  2. What areas of your current site do you feel are successful?  Why?
  3. What are the shortcomings with your current site?

Reasons for Redesign

  1. What are the main reasons you wish to redesign your site now?
  2. What is the main problem you hope to solve with a redesign?
  3. Why does your website exist?
  4. What do you think users should be doing on your site?
  5. What outcomes do you hope to achieve via your website?


  1. Describe the type of person you anticipate being a typical visitor to your site.
  2. What is the primary action the visitors to your site should take?


  1. Will the new site use existing content from your current site?  Has the content been thoroughly audited for accuracy and currency?
  2. How will the content in the redesign differ from your current site?
  3. Have you outlined the content you wish to provide on your site?
  4. Have you written the content you wish to provide on your site?
  5. How often do you envision content changes happening?
  6. Have you outlined a plan for content maintenance (frequency of checks and who will be responsible, update method to be used in concordance to liaison program)?

Additional Notes/Comments

  1. Please provide any other information or details you feel would be beneficial.

Additional things to keep in mind:

  • You are responsible for coming up with the content for your site. Web Services can advise on best practices, but you know your day-to-day business better than we do. You need to provide all body copy and a good outline of the content that needs to be included.
  • No Web Services work will begin until the content outline is complete. Content can be provided in an outline format or in a flowchart format.
  • Every department must have a Web Liaison. This person is usually appointed by a department chair, dean, director, etc. If you do not know who the liaison is for your department, you need to communicate amongst members of your department before contacting Web Services.

Once you have organized this information, feel free to contact Web Services about your project.

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