WEB SERVICES | Sending Web Update Requests

  1. All updates should be e-mailed to webservices@suu.edu.
  2. E-mail message should have a descriptive subject to indicate what is being requested.
    Ex: Human Resources Update: Add form to site.
    Ex: Career Services Update: Request for new image.
  3. The e-mail message needs to be descriptive. The SUU site is very large and we're responsible for a lot of content, we need extra info to expedite these requests. To help us accurately identify the information that needs to be updated, please include the following items in your message.
      1. The EXACT address of the page that needs to be updated. This can be copied and pasted from the Web browser address bar.
      2. Description of where on the page the info is located. This should be done in terms of paragraph and/or sentence number. (Ex. First paragraph, third sentence)
      3. Please make sure you have included and edited your text how you would like it to appear online. (copy/paste is our friend!)

    Example message:
    Address: http://www.suu.edu/academics/majors.html
    In the third paragraph, we need to change the phone number from (435) 865-XXXX to (435) 865-YYYY.
  4. Send updates electronically. This will make sure the update gets processed faster and most efficiently. You may include new/updated information in the body of the e-mail message or as an attachment to the e-mail message. (Attachments may include: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe PDF, etc.) We do not accept faxes unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  5. If you are sending information for a new page, please let us know the information is for a NEW page and not an addition to an existing page. Please let us know which existing page should link to the new page and what the link text should say.
  6. You may send multiple updates in one email (in fact, that would be preferable over a rush of separate messages.) Just separate the requests by a few hard returns or some other divider so it is clear what is being requested.

Photo Galleries

  1. Departments may send photos for inclusion on the website as a photo gallery, provided it meets the following requirements:
    1. No more than 20 photos for the event.
    2. Let us know before you send photos, photos are large and can fill an inbox quickly.
  2. If a department has more than 20 photos they would like to use, then we need to require the department open an account on a photo-sharing site such as Flickr. Then the liaison in that department can upload the photos themselves. We can link to the photos from the SUU site once they have been uploaded.

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