WEB SERVICES | Style Guide - Non-SUU Hosted Sites

  1. The site must be sponsored by an SUU department.
    • Must have the approval of the Department Chair or Dean, emailed to webservices@suu.edu.
    • Must have a full time campus employee assigned with oversight responsibility to ensure that content is in accordance with the mission of the university.
  2. No advertising will be allowed on the site. However, it is acceptable to have a "Sponsored By" page with a list of sponsors hyperlinked to their websites.
  3. The site will have a footer on every page that includes a "Hosted by Southern Utah University" line, a logo, a link to the SUU home page and the following disclaimer:
    "Southern Utah University allows this Web page to function through its computing system and facilities as an educational service. The views, opinions, information and conclusions expressed on this Web page are exclusively those of the author or organization, acting as an independent publisher, and not to be attributed to Southern Utah University, its officers, or employees. The content of this Web page has not been reviewed or approved by Southern Utah University, and the author or organization is solely responsible for its publication and content."
  4. The site must utilize the Web technologies available on the university server. No special software will be installed.
  5. SUU will not provide any logging or traffic analysis to the site.

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