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This page outlines the Web page requirements for the following SUU units:
Colleges, Schools, Departments, Divisions, Administrative offices, committees and faculty/staff home pages.

Sites migrated into our CMS will automatically have these applied.

1. Title

Every page must have a title within the HTML title tags. The title must include information about the page, the department and the university. Examples:

  1. Admissions Office | SUU
  2. Staff Directory | Admissions Office | SUU

The title in Cascade will automatically have the " | SUU" appended to whatever the user has entered into the title field.

2. Banner

Every page must have the standard SUU banner, placed at the top of the page.

All pages not yet in the CMS will need to have this code in their pages right after the opening <body> tag.

<!--#INCLUDE file="/includes/ban.inc"-->

The navigation bar provides link to the main audience sections of the site, as well as our A-Z Index, Contact Info and Search.

3. Footer

Every page must have the standard SUU footer, placed at the bottom of the page.

Those sites not yet in the CMS need to insert the following line of code just before the closing <body> tag.

<!--#INCLUDE file="/includes/footer.inc"-->

4. SUU Core CSS

SUU Required

Those pages that are not yet migrated into the CMS will need to add this line to the head of a document to use the SUU Required stylesheets.

<!--#INCLUDE file="/includes/css-suurequired.inc"-->

5. Compliant with Accessibility Laws

All pages should be compliant with accessibility laws. Accessibility checking is a crucial part of our website development. Content needs to be accessible to users with many differing disabilities. Web Services has many years of experience in checking for all of these different areas. If you would like help with accessibility issues, contact Web Services.

Two of the easiest steps you can take toward accessibility: put alt text on all of your images and avoid using the words "Click here" on your page.

6. Links

Links that fall in the flow of regular body copy will follow the standard set forth by the core SUU style. They will be a red shade (HEX - 990000) and underlined.
Underlined text in body copy is reserved for links only, due to the nature of the web environment and user expectations.

Links should not say "Click here". Read through your page, and then just read the linked text. If the linked text does not make any sense without the surrounding text, the link needs to be rewritten.

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