Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

Master of Public Administration

Tuition Waivers & Graduate Assistantships

Each academic year, the Master of Public Administration program offers tuition waivers and graduate assistantships as a way to assist students with the cost of pursuing their degree. A small amount of tuition waiver funds will be reserved for students that apply for admission no later than July 15th. All students regardless of prior award of tuition waivers must submit a Request for Assistance letter described below. The application deadline is May 31st.

Definition and Amounts

A tuition waiver is a credit toward your tuition expense and does not include fees or books. Tuition waivers range from approximately $400 to $2500. Students receiving a tuition waiver are expected to enroll for 6 or more credit hours per semester and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Students are not expected to work in any capacity in exchange for a tuition waiver. Students are free to seek full-time or part-time employment or an internship regardless of receiving a tuition waiver.   

A graduate assistantship is an appointment to a position within SUU and includes a small salary ranging from approximately $4000 - $6000 per academic year. Students are expected to work approximately 20 hours per week and should not seek other employment while receiving assistantship funds. Graduate assistantships are in the area of student services, but are not restricted to students seeking an emphasis in student services.   

Application process

Tuition Waiver: Students must submit a Request for Assistance letter to the MPA Director to be considered for the tuition waiver by May 31st. In the letter, please describe your

  • Status as an MPA student (newly admitted, first year, etc.).
  • Current GPA if already enrolled.
  • Career interests, including a statement about your interest in the student services assistantship if appropriate.
  • Explanation of why you should receive an award (financial need, academic performance, etc.).
  • Other information you think would be relevant to the decision.

Graduate Assistantship: If applying for assistantship, complete this application. Submit your application to Jennifer Sorenson at by May 31st.

The MPA faculty will consider all applications and Request for Assistance and notify students no later than June 30th. Late submissions will be notified no later than August 15th. For additional information, please contact Jennifer Sorenson at (435) 865-8150 or